After Hours Blackout Oct 28th


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Can you and your group make it through the haunted house and creepers maze in the pitch black with your only one glow stick per group for light?  Who will be the trusted one to hold the only light source. Will they protect the light or will the possessed snatch the light out of your hand leaving your group in total darkness only hearing screams and cries for help and mercy. Will you be kidnapped and taken off to the torcher chamber where only the strongest of the strongest will survive or will you scream your safe word and be released back into the darkness with the feeling of cold breaths on your neck and the fear or being taken again?  Will the creeper himself swoop down and take you away to the depths of the church to feed upon your flesh.

This event is for one night only!  It all starts after the regular haunted house hours.  Age limit for this Event is 16 and older with parent or legal guardian. Groups will be 6 or less with one glow stick provided per group. No other lights permitted. This is an extreme event. Cost is $40.00 per person good for this event only. Tickets can be purchased online or at ticket booth night of event. Tax included, may be subject to credit card fee.


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