Hustonville Haunted House

Hustonville Haunted House

Hustonville Haunted House

The famous Hustonville Haunted House once located on Main Street in Hustonville, now located in Junction City.

Open September 29th!

More Than


Years of Experience Haunting

Hustonville Haunted House has been in the business of fall attractions for years. Through this experience we have learned how to make the best attractions to keep your halloween spooky! 

4045 Hustonville Rd.
Junction City, KY 40422


Hours of Operation (EST):
Friday-Saturday 7:30pm-12am
Sunday 7:30pm-10pm

Open rain or shine! 
If you still have tickets after ticket booth closing you will still be allowed to enter the haunts.

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Purchase Tickets Online or at Ticket Booth!

No limit on ticket sales!

Combo Tickets!

Don’t forget to check out our combo tickets! With a combo ticket you can gain access to all of our Haunts for only $43 per person! That’s only $14 a ticket while the single entry is $22 per person, so save yourself some dough and get your haunt on! 

Speed Passes!

Can't Stand the Wait?

Cut the line and your wait time with our speed passes! With our speed passes you can move to the front of the line! We have single haunt speed passes as well as combo haunt speed passes.

The single haunt speed pass is only $38 per person! This pass will allow you access to one haunt and you’ll get to skip to the front of the line!

The combo haunt speed pass is only $59 per person! This pass will allow you access to all three haunts, with the added bonus of letting you skip to the front of the line!

Check Out This Year's Attractions

We are open rain or shine! (So some attractions may be muddy.)
We have food trucks on site so make sure to come hungry! 

haunted nun

The Final Exorcism/Circus of Hell 3D

Demonic Possesions, Exorcisms and bloodbaths. Everything you need to make your Halloween Gruesome!

When you purchase entry to The Final Exorcism you also gain entry into the Circus of Hell Haunt. Enter into the circus of hell and experience screams and laughter like never before.


Creepers Corn Maze of Death

Prepare to have your organs harvested in the Creepers Corn Maze of Death! You will be hunted by the Creeper well into the night. Keep your friends and family close, lest they be taken right from under your nose. This is a roadtrip you’ll never forget! 


Junction City Chainsaw Massacre

Beware! Cannibals sighted! Come out to Junction City and witness the horror of our local cannibalistic family. The Junction City Chainsaw Massacre is sure to stain your Halloween red.

Special Blackout Event October 28th and November 4th!

Can you and your group make it through the haunted house and creepers maze in the pitch black with your only one glow stick per group for light?  Who will be the trusted one to hold the only light source. Will they protect the light or will the possessed snatch the light out of your hand leaving your group in total darkness only hearing screams and cries for help and mercy. Will you be kidnapped and taken off to the torcher chamber where only the strongest of the strongest will survive or will you scream your safe word and be released back into the darkness with the feeling of cold breaths on your neck and the fear or being taken again?  Will the creeper himself swoop down and take you away to the depths of the church to feed upon your flesh.  

This event is 12AM-2AM on Saturday October 28th and 7:30PM-12AM on Saturday November 4th! Groups will be 6 or less with one glow stick provided per group. No other lights permitted. This is an extreme event. Cost is $43.00 per person good for this event only. Tickets can be purchased online or at ticket booth night of event.

Rules of the Haunt

Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the ticket booth.

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

All sales are subject to 6% sales tax.